Energy healing through Reiki, Pranic & Hypnotherapy

New Delhi, March 11 (SocialNews.XYZ) We are the generation of “good vibes” and the moment we realize we arent getting good vibes from the people around us, or the surroundings, we prefer to move away from it. As human being we also have our own internal energies within our bodies. We all thrive on energy in spite of being brainwashed with the convenient methods of healing, we fail to recognize, acknowledge and embrace the energy within us. Our internal energy is an alternate for medicines, says Dr Shyam Nidugala, Chief Medical Officer, Nimba Nature Cure

By embracing the energy sources within us, we can purify and filter those energies that bring a feeling of positivity and give us the power to heal ourselves and others, she notes. She explains how energy can be healed through Reiki, Pranic and Hypnotherapy

via Energy healing through Reiki, Pranic & Hypnotherapy — Social News XYZ


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