How to balance your Chakras with Reiki

When we add chakras in the reiki, then many of the people think, what is the common between both of these, so they come together. However, they have come from different spiritual and cultural environments and traditions. Let me clear, both come from a different tradition, but still, they have many similarities.

Many of the Reiki practitioners use chakras in the Reiki healing process. Using chakras has become the first choice of Reiki healers instead of using tandens. By using chakras, they can use our body as a more energetic map and use reiki to heal our body by focusing his or her energy, where it is most needed.

How reiki balances your chakras:

Overall we can say that the chakras provide a physical alignment to our body and make the healing and transition process of energy very simple by giving you spiritual and emotional treatment. To know in detail, “How to balance chakras with Reiki?”, you need to go through this content.

Balance Root and Crown Chakra with Reiki:

The chakras balancing process has to be done; after the healing session, it brings the

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