5 tips for self-care. — Hello you.

mmmnnnnnnnn self – care. it’s one of those words / phrases that’s around a lot more often than it used to be, isn’t it? we hear it from our yoga teachers, our breakfast cereal boxes, our favourite clothing brands, our milk (or other alternative) cartons, our bosses, maybe even the postman + now, especially right now,  from the government….

…..but what does the term self-care mean to you? what do those two words really say to you + your lifestyle?

self-care + I have had a rocky road. in the past we’ve come together beautifully  + we’ve parted disastrously. it’s been ups + downs. however i can say with confidence that now, for the last few years + experiences, we’ve crafted a committed, strong + sustainable bond together. one that involves learning + adapting as we go. it means checking in with myself daily to see how I feel + where I’m at that day. to notice + listen with love + care.

 i’ve put together 5 reliable tips to share with you…..

yours might look different + that’s good. it’s about trying things out, seeing what feels good + caring enough to stick with it.

drink water.

first thing in the morning, last thing at night + throughout the day. i drink mostly cups of half hot, half cold water, this way our bodies organs are able to use it quicker.
breathe deeply.

I start my day with breathing exercises that help me breathe deeper.
Here’s one you can try right away: take a big breath in through your nose, fill up the lungs as much as you can right down till you feel your stomach expand, then sigh it out long through the mouth. do this three times.

move daily.

this can vary + it’s good to listen to what feels nicest that day. it could be a gentle walk, some home yoga, easy stretching, a cardio work out or a run outside. maybe a dance to a fave song?mixing it up really helps to be excited about it



via 5 tips for self-care. — Hello you.




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      1. Meanwhile if someone wanted to contact you what they’ll do ?
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