5 Simple Ideas To Boost Your Wellness

1 . Write A Journal

Writing in a journal is a largely therapeutic pastime, it’s creative, reflective and a very worthy act of self care. You might like to use a journal to write down your cherished memories and experiences? Perhaps you’d prefer to brainstorm your career and personal goals?  Some people like to use a journal to write down their feelings during times of emotional stress. It’s nice to have a place just for you, to write down your uncensored thoughts in complete honesty.

2. Experimental Cooking

Always feel like you’re cooking the same old dishes? Why not get experimental, buy some new recipe books and set yourself some new cooking challenges. You could challenge yourself to cook dishes from around the world, choosing a cuisine from a new country each week. If you’re a meat-eater, you could learn how to cook some tasty new vegetarian dishes. Fancy yourself as a bit of a baking whizz? Why not attempt some

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