5 benefits of starting yoga — A Rambling Reviewer

I first tried yoga a few years ago. It didn’t end well. Despite the class being for beginnings, they didn’t cater to new starters. I told the instructor about problems I had – which was ignored, no alternatives given and I stopped when I was making thing worse.

I was too scared to try it again.

But I kept seeing it mentioned. Being an avid follower of Jenny in Neverland meant I couldn’t escape the positivity surrounding yoga.

When a flyer arrived introducing a new class to my local area, I figured it was time to try again.  I started last September. I haven’t looked back since.


After a week spent sitting at a desk, literally my favourite thing is being able to properly stretch muscles and limbs while focusing on alignment. I feel my joints working for the first time in a week and my muscles get that really pleasant ache when you’ve worked them. It would be worth it just for the warm-up’s and cool down’s.

Physical activity

The type of yoga I do is far gentler than my gym sessions. But, as mentioned, you ache – you’re working your body in a softer way than pounding out 5k on the treadmill, challenging the muscles to loosen and stretch rather than making your heart race. It’s not about speed or strength, it’s about checking in with how you are feeling that day and how far you want to push yourself each week.

Pushing yourself

I am not flexible. My balance isn’t great. I have limited core strength (I’m working on it, people!). But by adding to the routine each week, I can see if yes, I do want to drop my

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