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Why I’m Sharing

Let’s first start off with why I’m even writing this article to begin with. It probably seems a little out of left-field and is definitely part of my blogging niche. This year, the whirlwind of what is 2020, has been a very challenging one for our country. We were hit with an invisible enemy that has killed so many and completely turned all of our lives upside down. Now, we are facing another enemy, a much older disease – racism. We are all tired, we are all upset, we are all exhausted. It has been a long three months and the battles are a far cry from over (especially the latter). These circumstances are precisely why I’m sharing this post about meditation; it has been a wonderful tool for me during this emotional time and may be of some help to others also.

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Benefits of Meditation

Meditation has some powerful benefits and many can attest to the positive boost it can bring to your life. It lowers stress levels, improves focus, allows us to connect better with our bodies, and fosters more kindness towards ourselves. You are essentially taking a few minutes to clear your chatter-filled mind and actually choose what you focus on – your breath. This practice of bringing your mind back to this one thought teaches us to remain in the present and sideline our distractions. I love the way the authors of phrase meditation’s affect on the mind: “Training the mind through meditation is training in awareness, and training in awareness offers the potential to fundamentally transform your perspective on life.”

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How to Stop Thinking and Live in the Moment!

How do we stop thinking and live in the moment? We don’t have to look very far to realize that many people are trying to give us answers. These questions and answers provide a great starting place to explain what Sahaja Yoga meditation is and what makes a daily Sahaja Yoga practice special. In the next few articles we will look at this meditation in detail, but we’ll begin with a quick overview of four of the internet’s common answers to stop thinking.

Let’s take a look at the question first. How do you learn to stop thinking? Isn’t that just one more thing to think about? Can we even think about how not to think? Can we plan to avoid over-planning? How far can we get by worrying about how to stop worrying? Difficult questions for sure, and many people are looking for answers.

One thing is clear, to stop thinking we will need some different approaches to get around our mind’s usual habits. The current popularity of mindfulness and meditation might be part of something healthy, perhaps even something necessary for humankind’s progress, but there is just so much different information! To make things simpler and to save time, we surveyed the internet for the most common answers, tips and “life hacks” on the subject.

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