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Daily Buddha

Yoga is much more than the physical movement of our bodies on the yoga mats. Yoga also offers us insights into our motivations, our desires and the ways in which we think and feel about ourselves. We can broaden our experience of yoga by exploring yoga philosophy and mythology. This approach is called Jnana (NYAH-nah)Continue reading “Daily Buddha”

Daily Buddha – Connect with Cosmic Energy

Connect with cosmic energy with Lord of the Dance Pose. Lord of the Dance Pose or Dancer Pose  is a standing, balancing, back-bending asana in modern yoga as exercise. It is derived from a pose in the classical Indian dance form Bharatnatyam, which is depicted in temple statues in the Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram. 15 MINUTE YOGA STRETCH 365 DAYS OF AYURVEDAContinue reading “Daily Buddha – Connect with Cosmic Energy”

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